Lucky to be Landlocked

With each trip to the mountains I come back feeling extra thankful to live a short drive down the road from such beautiful views. June is my favorite time to visit the mountains because the flowers are in full bloom and the bluegreen mountainsides bathed in sunlight are too pretty to fully capture in a […]

Cozy Minimalist Home: Plants

I have a black thumb. Or maybe our old apartment was positioned in a weird spot and the plants on our balcony either didn’t receive enough sun or received too much sun and burnt to a crisp? Yes, our directionally challenged apartment is to blame! That’s what I’m going with. Thankfully, I’ve discovered that indoor […]

The Case for Less

We have somehow been tricked into believing the lie that we have to constantly progress, move forward and acquire more over the course of our lives. But what would it look like if we did the opposite? What if we purposefully regressed? What if we got rid of our stuff instead of acquiring more? Downsized […]

Whole 30(ish) Update

It’s been two weeks since I started Whole 30(ish) eating. I say “ish” because I’ve been eating Whole 30 foods 5-6 days a week, and then enjoying regular food on nights I meet with my small group for dinner and one non-Whole 30 date night with Daniel each week. I plan to do the real […]