Tale of Two Thompsons

Pregnancy, Home Birth and Postpartum Blog Series

Hello again.

First things first, we had a baby (if you didn’t already know from the title of this post)! He’s the most precious little guysie and we adore him deeply. I guess I should change the name of this blog to A Tale of Three Thompsons now, huh? 😉

While it feels a bit strange coming back to this space after such a long time away, it’s here and ready to go and where I want to share my pregnancy journey, birth story and knowledge I’ve acquired over the past year and a half that I want to pass along to those hoping to one day conceive, those who are currently expecting, those who are desiring a home birth, or anyone wanting to get more information on how to best prep their body and mind for pregnancy and birth.

Below are some topics I’ll cover in this blog series. Once each blog is posted I’ll be sure to link to it from this list:

Keep your eyes peeled for the first post of this series — Andrew’s home birth story — to drop soon!

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