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Take Time to Notice

The past several springs I’ve found myself thinking “This is the most beautiful spring ever!” This year is no different. Now that we have a yard, I’ve found myself taking frequent breaks (“mini fieldtrips” as I like to call them) to walk around and notice the changes that have occurred overnight.

I’m so thankful the woman who originally owned our house took the time and care to create such a beautifully landscaped yard and for all the flowers she planted long ago that we’ve had the joy of watching grow this season: purple bearded irises, white azaleas, pink peonies, cheery yellow daffodils, flaming red tulips, hot pink roses, white hyacinth, golden forsythia, a fluffy snowball bush, a dogwood tree, a pear tree with delicate white blossoms, and much more. I’ve also added to the bunch yellow and orange marigolds, velvety purple petunias and breezy ferns.

With each season, it’s important to me to take time to notice. We are so often in a mad dash to get through life that we don’t take the time to note from one day to the next that the tulips have bloomed, that the front porch fern has acquired a bird’s nest that wasn’t there yesterday, that the petunias have multiplied.

So, let’s take time to notice this spring. Here are some of the changes happening in and around our home and yard this spring, some simple delights of the season, and colors and textures that I just couldn’t help but capture.

My mom recently gifted me a book titled, Simple Abundance. It’s filled with short daily readings about creativity, authenticity, life’s simple pleasures, personal style, and much more. It’s chock-full of great quotes too. While enjoying a slow morning on the porch, I read a line in the book that described this season of piddling perfectly: ” … the boundless treasure and spiritual rejuvenation of the perfect solitary hour.”

My perfect solitary hour looks like: doing anything that gets dirt under my fingernails, basking in the last ray of sunshine of the day, cooking with the windows open, listening to birdsong, and “docu-drawing” (documenting by drawing) the flowers in our yard.

I wish you a “perfect solitary hour” doing whatever makes your soul sing this spring.


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