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G.O.A.T. Oats — A Breakfast to Feel Full and Fueled


Since I’ve been training for a marathon and have a long run scheduled every weekend, I need a breakfast that I not only look forward to eating but that will keep me full and fueled for hours. I love how a big bowl of oats does just that.

Daniel and I like to experiment with our own oats by adding different mix-ins and I’ve developed what I think is the most satisfying combo so far. I call it my G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) Oats.

I don’t use standard measurements, so below are guesstimations for my G.O.A.T. Oat “recipe.” Use whatever amount feels right for you!

G.O.A.T. Oats
No goats were harmed in the making of this oatmeal.

  • 3/4 or 1 cup of whole grain old-fashioned oats
  • 1 cup almond milk (or whatever liquid you like to use for your oatmeal)
  • Pinch of salt (We like to use pink Himalayan or sea salt for bolder flavor.)
  • Spoonful of coconut oil
  • Drizzle of honey
  • A few dashes of cinnamon
  • Spoonful of milled flaxseed
  • Spoonful of chia seeds
  • Spoonful of shelled hemp seeds
  • Spoonful of natural peanut butter or peanut butter powder
  • Half a banana
  • Generous handful of blueberries (We like to use frozen blueberries.)
  • Optional: Scoop of collagen peptides powder (Helps thicken the oatmeal if it’s too soupy and also helps improve hair, skin, nails, joints and ligaments and tendon health.)

In a bowl, combine oats, almond milk and pinch of salt and stir. Microwave for two minutes. Add in honey, cinnamon, coconut oil and collagen peptides (if using). Stir it all up and you have your oatmeal base. Next, add in the flaxseed, hemp seeds, chia seeds, peanut butter, banana and bluebs. Give it one more good stir and enjoy!

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