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Living Pain Free Through Chiropractic Care

What is your perception of chiropractors? Maybe you first think about the cracking and popping or maybe you’re skeptical because you think their methods surely couldn’t work for the pain you’re experiencing.

I hope to put both of these stereotypes to rest and share the many wonderful benefits of chiropractic care! This is something that has made a huge positive impact on my life and I’m excited to share my story with you.

First, a little back story:

I had neck, shoulder and upper back pain on and off throughout high school and college. I played a lot of sports and wore a sports bra often and it hurt to wear one a lot of the time because it would pull and irritate the muscles in my neck and left shoulder.

I thought having that pain while wearing a sports bra was normal until I asked a girl on one of my teams if wearing one caused her neck to hurt too. She said it didn’t, and that’s when I started to think that the pain was something I shouldn’t have been experiencing just by wearing a sports bra.

Fast forward a couple years to my freshman year of college. I played a lot of sand volleyball those first few weeks of school. I played for hours almost every evening and probably stayed out way too late doing so. It was so much fun! During one of the games, though, I jumped up to spike the ball and after I landed back on the ground I had a horrible pain in the middle of back. I don’t know if I had pulled a muscle or if it was something worse, but the motions of jumping up and extending my right arm to swing hard creating a pain so bad that it hurt to breathe when I landed on my feet. I had to stop playing immediately and could hardly walk back to my dorm that night it hurt so bad.

I slept horribly the week after it happened and woke up crying because it was so painful. My family came up that weekend to visit me for family weekend and I remember hardly being able to sit down or twist my torso because I was in so much pain. The pain eventually dulled, but that injury haunted me for years. If I jerked my head around too quickly in one direction, I’d get a lesser version of what I experienced that night playing volleyball, but still incredibly painful and it would linger for days. It was like the injury would never heal completely. It would go away for a while and then if I made even the smallest movement to irritate that muscle or part of my back, it’d flare up again. It wasn’t a constant pain, but every now and then when it wanted to come back to visit, I was it’s miserable host.

On top of that pain, I continued to suffer from intermittent neck and shoulder pain. Something as small as a spaghetti strap from a tank top would irritate the muscles in my neck and I’d have to rub my neck for a long time or take the strap off my shoulder for a few minutes to get any relief.

Fast forward to March of 2018. Daniel and I signed up to run the Knoxville marathon at the end of the month. Unfortunately, I was experiencing a really sharp pain in my left knee that started a few months before the marathon that kept me from running long distances. (I know, I’m falling apart. Sheesh!)

Anyway, I decided to scale down to the half marathon and just run/walk it as I was able. The day before the race, we had to pick up our packets and bibs at the expo where there were a ton of running, health and wellness related vendors. One of the vendors was Thrive Chiropractic and they were performing free neck assessments to those interested. Daniel was interested in doing the assessment and so I decided to have it done too. They did a quick assessment and the screen showed the parts of my neck that were irritated. Obviously, there was room for improvement with both Daniel’s and my alignment. It didn’t take long for the people working the booth to talk us into coming into the office to do a full assessment the next week.

During our full assessment, I told the doctors all about the pain I had been experiencing and how it had been something I’d endured since high school. For me, living with the pain was normal. I had no idea that after just a three months of being in their care that I would be pain free!

The doctors use a method called Torque Release Technique with a tool called the Integrator, which targets a specific spot on your back — no manual cracking or popping! You can read more about the Integrator and how it works on Thrive’s website.

The adjustments are quick and gentle. Once your adjustment is over, your body does the rest of the work by realigning itself over time with the help of the Integrator..

Because your spine is connected to your nervous system, a misaligned bone could cause you a myriad of problems, not just back pain.

The doctors at Thrive are even trained to adjust children and babies, which can help them sleep better and can prevent things like wetting the bed.

Heaps of research and science backs up chiropractic care that you can read more about on their website.

Like I said before, after being in their care for just three months, all the pain that I had before I started care was gone! I’m now seven months into treatment and still benefitting from my weekly adjustments.

Certain bra straps and tank top straps don’t irritate the muscles in my neck anymore and I can now wear whatever I wanted without worrying if it is going to cause me pain later on in the day.

I’m excited to see what my x-rays look like at the end of my year-long care plan compared to my very first appointment.

Chiropractic care is, in my opinion, a fantastic investment. I am able to function better, live without pain, and prevent other issues from occurring later on as I age. I’m a living, breathing example that chiropractic care works! And I’m not getting paid to shout this message from the rooftops, so you know I’m being sincere 🙂

Chiropractic is a natural and long-term solution to treating your pain versus relying on a pill for relief. I’ve truly been able to thrive under chiropractic care.

If you have any type of back, neck or shoulder pain, I strongly encourage you to visit a chiropractor to see what they can do for you. Living pain free is amazing after enduring it for years and thinking that it was completely normal. Trust me, your pain is not normal. Don’t compromise your well-being by living with it day after day. Make your health a priority and find a chiropractor that best suits your needs.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

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