Tale of Two Thompsons

Happy Campers

We jumped off a bridge and ate homemade ice cream and that’s pretty much all that needs to be said about this trip. Yep, it was THAT much fun.

Every year for the past fourteen years, Daniel’s family has gone camping at Defeated Creek in Carthage, Tennessee. I have been lucky enough to go with them a handful of times ever since Daniel and I first started dating. This place holds more memories and stories than you could ever imagine for him and his family. I have also stored away some special memories of my own, whether it be that cotton-candy-colored sky when the sun goes down behind the hills every night around 8pm, piling too many people on the jet skis to go to the marina for a double scoop ice cream cone and feed the catfish, or ride our bikes around the campground as fast as we can until it’s too dark to see.

Our days consisted of swimming, jet skiing, playing washers and volleyball, bike riding, ice cream eating, bridge jumping, hammocking, gorging on pizza to celebrate John’s birthday, playing with the puppies and getting a little too much sun.

Defeated, you never disappoint. Until next year!

If you’ll be my Dixie chicken I’ll be your Tennessee lamb and we can {hammock} together down in Dixieland.

Recipe for happiness: a pinch of sand, a dash of blue skies, two heaping cups of sunshine then just add water.



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